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Heroes For a Day: Your Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings

There are so many unique and marvelous things about the Kings’ Stanley Cup Championship run. Most of these things have been repeated and dissected ad nauseum – the 10-1 road record, Quick’s record setting goalie stats, the Kings 16-4 overall record, beating the # 1, 2 and 3 seeds in the West, being the first … Continue reading

Week 1 NHL Power Rankings

It’s time for the first edition of my NHL Power Rankings! This was the subject that got me blogging in the first place, so I’m excited to roll this out each and every week. As a recap, for those who don’t know my methodology, here’s how my Power Rankings work: Basically, the premise behind it … Continue reading

Kings Get Rude Awakening

Well, that was considerably less fun than yesterday’s game. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that the Kings got embarrassed. The Sabres are a really good team that I expect to see go far in the playoffs, but there were some very disconcerting things about tonight’s performance, not least of which is the fact … Continue reading

Kings on Pace for 82-0 Season

Despite having played a game on another continent in an arena that clearly favored the other team, the Kings are now 1-0 at “home.” Good thing they only have to do this once! Oh wait… My grades for the Kings players: Anze Kopitar: A : I couldn’t be happier with how he looked. He very … Continue reading

Never Any Dought

After months of wondering how it could possibly take this long, we can all finally breathe easier: Doughty has signed that fat contract at long last. $7 million per year over 8 years seems to be a fair compromise for both sides. Doughty got his extra $200k per season (Kings’ rumored offer was at $6.8 … Continue reading

Scott Parse: Mystery Man

If you have watched the Kings at all this preseason, you might think any idea that involves heavy use of Scott Parse would have to come from the mind of a crazy person or a masochist. Yes, he has been brutal this preseason. But I’m here to remind you of what the Kings saw in … Continue reading

Kenley Jansen: Freak of Nature

Tonight in the Dodgers’ 2-0 win, Matt Kemp hit his 37th home run of the season to keep himself in the hunt for the triple crown; and yet somehow, he’s not even the guy I wanted to write about after the game. Kenley Jansen pitched a perfect 8th and struck out the side. Ho hum. … Continue reading

Photos and Notes from Kings Camp – Day 1

Today was the first time I’ve  ever attended a day of Kings’ training camp, and though it wasn’t terribly exciting (not too much different than watching a mid-season practice), it was still fun to see a couple of the young guys out there, and was GREAT to see Kopitar skating around on the ice again. … Continue reading

Drew Doughty Drama Continues into Training Camp

Well, it’s official. Drew Doughty is not at camp on time. I’ll admit I never thought it would come to this. Today on LA Kings Insider, Rich Hammond had a very interesting interview with Dean Lombardi. Here’s the link for the full interview: http://lakingsinsider.com/2011/09/16/lombardi-on-doughtys-holdout/ If you don’t feel like reading the full interview, here’s the … Continue reading

Kershaw’s and Kemp’s Races Going Down to the Wire

So here we are, only 16 games remaining in the MLB regular season. Kemp has about 70 at bats left to bolster his MVP candidacy and Kershaw has 3 more starts to convince voters he deserves the NL Cy Young. It’s looking like it will be a photo finish in both races. So what will happen when … Continue reading