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Most Kings fans know that JMFJ stands for Jack “Mother-Effing” Johnson. Sometimes he’s earned that bad-ass moniker – like early in the 2010-2011 season when his stellar play held the fort while Doughty was out. However, he’s been more down than up throughout his career, and if he doesn’t improve his play on the defensive end of the ice, that JMFJ is going to stand for something far less flattering: Jack “Minus Fifteen” Johnson.

A list of last year’s best and worst adjusted +/- players was reviewed today by Kuklas Korner, and once again, Jack MF Johnson found himself on the wrong side of the ledger.

On one hand, Jack has much going for him. He’s still young, he’s potent on the power play, he’s a gifted offensive player and a strong skater, especially in carrying the puck out of his own zone. On the other hand, he has more forehead-slap-inducing moments than any other King, and he is running out of time to show that he can learn what it takes to be an effective defender. GVT doesn’t like him much either, and GVS (see side link for details) sees him as perhaps the most overpaid player on the team now that Ryan Smyth is gone, despite the fact that many see his contract as “reasonable.”

I’ve never been a huge fan of JJ’s game (I love his personality off the ice), so take my criticisms with a grain of salt. He was a #3 overall draft pick and is clearly gifted. But I believe his draft status and his high point totals trick many into believing he is a top-flight defenseman, even though a deeper look at the numbers tell us otherwise.

He is just entering his prime, so there’s time to turn it around, but the Kings are contending for a cup NOW, and will need him to reach that lofty potential sooner rather than later.

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