Moreau a King

Photo by Wendi Kaminski/NHLI via Getty Images

The Kings announced today that they have signed Ethan Moreau to a one year, $600,000 deal. I think I’m going to file this one under “Huh?”


Ethan Moreau:
35 years old
37 Games Played (injuries: bruised foot, broken hand, busted ribs)
1 goal, 5 assists
+/- of -9
+/-/60 -1.54
-1.0 oGVT
+0.5 dGVT
-.5 GVT
-.01351 GVT/g
QualComp .069
QualTeam -.295
Relative Corsi -24.4
OZone Starts 39.9%
PDO 960
Ok, so what are we looking at here? Let’s compare him to his own teammates first. His plus/minus per 60 was -1.54, which was worst among CBJ forwards who played at least 30 games. His Relative Corsi (the number of shots your team took on net minus the number of shots the opposing team took on net) was -24.4, also worst. His O-zone Starts (the % of times he started his shift in the offensive zone) and his PDO (sum of a team’s even strength shooting percentage and even strength save percentage) were both second worst. His GVT was -.5, worst among CBJ forwards, and 4th worst on the whole team – only ahead of the dreadful duo of Steve Mason and Matthieu Garon and the hapless Craig Rivet. That GVT was good for 844th in the league, and his GVT/g of -.014 was good for 768th in the league. Can you feel my excitement!?
I know what you’re thinking. Phil, c’mon now… DL isn’t an idiot. There’s gotta be SOMETHING positive about this guy, right? Well, I guess you could squeeze some juice out of this turnip. His QualComp was .069, which was best on the team. His coach, for some unknown reason, trusted him against the best competition, indicating he’s perceived to be a good defensive forward. This defensive reputation is also reflected in his +.5 dGVT, which isn’t anything to write home about, but at least is in the positive. It also isn’t his fault he wasn’t blessed with gifted linemates. His QualTeam of -.295 was 3rd worst on the team. So he was stuck out there against the best competition with some of the worst players on his team. Why did his coach think this was a good idea? Your guess is as good as mine. Somehow, he’s earned his coaches’ trust, despite evidence that he probably shouldn’t have. From what I can tell, he’s essentially a homeless man’s Handzus.
So, I guess he brings that ALL IMPORTANT (sarcasm alert!) “veteran presence,” a +.5 dGVT, and… ummmm… a very handsome jawline? I don’t know. This kind of baffles me. He doesn’t seem to really bring anything to the table except “grittiness” and “veteran know-how.” I guess I’ll trust Dean on this one, but on the surface, it makes zero sense.

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