Scott Parse: Mystery Man

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

If you have watched the Kings at all this preseason, you might think any idea that involves heavy use of Scott Parse would have to come from the mind of a crazy person or a masochist. Yes, he has been brutal this preseason. But I’m here to remind you of what the Kings saw in this guy in the first place.

For starters, I think we need to take his preseason performances with a grain of salt. He’s rustier than a 30 year old fishing boat and, in a far more frustrating development, Terry Murray has been playing him out of position at RW (vs. his natural LW) all preseason, which hasn’t helped matters at all.

Second, he’s got mad sniping skills. This dude scores more goals per minute than Justin Williams or Dustin Brown. He gets more assists per minute than Kopitar or Doughty. Parse, yes – Scott Flippin’ Parse – is the guy who led the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 Kings in points per minute.

Let me put it this way: in 2010, if Parse had played as many minutes as Anze Kopitar and he had continued scoring at the same clip, he would have had 98 points. In 2011, if he had played as many minutes as Kopitar and continued scoring at the same pace, he would have had 108 points. Basically, in small sample sizes, this guy is a freaking stud. His GVT/g last year in 5 games was .20, which would have finished second on the team behind Kopitar. He could be our secret weapon. He’s SO secret, even Terry Murray apparently doesn’t know about him.

The lines are shaping up like so:

  1. Penner-Kopitar-Williams
  2. Gagne-Richards-Brown
  3. Clifford-Stoll-Parse
  4. Richardson-Lewis-Westgarth
I don’t like it. Because Parse is a natural LW, and I have doubts as to whether Clifford is ready for a LW3 spot yet, I’d prefer to see the lines like so:
  1. Penner-Kopitar-Williams
  2. Gagne-Richards-Brown
  3. Parse-Stoll-Kozun
  4. Clifford-Lewis-Hunter/Westgarth
Or, if you really want to get creative…
  1. Penner-Kopitar-Brown
  2. Gagne-Richards-Williams
  3. Parse-Loktionov-Stoll
  4. Clifford-Lewis-Moreau

I hope this is the year Parse stays healthy, not just for the sake of the Kings, but because Parse seems like a great dude who has had some horrible luck in his career. He’s way overdue for something to go his way. Here’s to hoping he gets the chance.


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