About Me

My wife and me going to see my 3 favorite teams

I’m always at sporting events in Los Angeles, and, as you can see, my wife Reese is often with me. If she isn’t with me, you’ll probably see me with these hooligans, usually standing and making a ruckus up at the top of the stairs between 304 and 305 during Kings games…

Nate, Faraaz and Me

And now, as of 4/20/12, I have a little girl to brain wash into loving my teams!

Favorite all-time Dodger: Roy Campanella

Favorite all-time Laker: Shaquille O’Neal

Favorite all-time King: Anze Kopitar

Favorite current Dodger: Clayton Kershaw

Favorite current Laker: Pau Gasol

Favorite current King: Anze Kopitar.

Favorite Dodger memory: The 4+1 game

Favorite Lakers memory: Robert Horry’s buzzer beater 3 in 2002 to tie up the series against Sacramento

Favorite Kings memory: Sitting up in my normal section in 304 to watch the Kings hoist the Cup in Game 6 against NJ

One Response to “About Me”
  1. Nate says:

    Love the blog, dude!

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