Week 1 NHL Power Rankings

It’s time for the first edition of my NHL Power Rankings! This was the subject that got me blogging in the first place, so I’m excited to roll this out each and every week. As a recap, for those who don’t know my methodology, here’s how my Power Rankings work: Basically, the premise behind it … Continue reading

Highway Robbery! Martinez locked up for 2 years/$1.4 million

The Kings announced today that they re-signed restricted free agent defenseman Alec Martinez to a two year, $1.4 million deal, with a cap hit of $737,500. Martinez, who will be 24 later this month, had modest totals of 5 goals and 11 assists in 60 games last season – which is probably why the Kings … Continue reading


Most Kings fans know that JMFJ stands for Jack “Mother-Effing” Johnson. Sometimes he’s earned that bad-ass moniker – like early in the 2010-2011 season when his stellar play held the fort while Doughty was out. However, he’s been more down than up throughout his career, and if he doesn’t improve his play on the defensive … Continue reading