Week 1 NHL Power Rankings

It’s time for the first edition of my NHL Power Rankings! This was the subject that got me blogging in the first place, so I’m excited to roll this out each and every week. As a recap, for those who don’t know my methodology, here’s how my Power Rankings work: Basically, the premise behind it … Continue reading

My NHL Realignment Idea

With the Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg, it is clear to many that the NHL will need to realign its conferences and divisions. There has been talk for some time about how difficult the travel is for Western Conference teams, and how it doesn’t make sense for Detroit, Chicago or Columbus to be Western Conference … Continue reading

TV Sports Theme Songs that Pump Us Up

Staples Center Panorama by zerega / © Some rights reserved.

Every one of our senses can elicit strong feelings of nostalgia by tapping into our most powerful memories. I can hear a song, smell a scent, or see a picture, and it will instantly snap me back to a specific time and place. I think this phenomenon is what makes the impact of sports theme songs so … Continue reading